Students who want to build a game, and maybe sell it.,Commercial use, students, what is allowed?


I am a student who wants to build a game with friends using the unreal engine 3.

The main purpose is this being a school project, so we get a grade. Are we allowed to use the udk to build a game?
We will have to install the software on personal pcs because school would not allow to install udk.

But what if the result of the projects is awesome and we want to publish it for a small price?

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Thank you. So we can build our game free using the udk. And when we will sell it we need to pay a royalty of 5%.

These might help answer your questions: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine 4 for schools, faculty and students - Unreal Engine

Not exactly, please read the literature posted above carefully, specifically this part:

Any student can personally subscribe for $19/mo, install the software on all of the student’s own computers, and use it for any combination of educational purposes (for free) and for selling commercial products (paying Epic 5% of gross product revenue).
Any academic institution can obtain one $19/mo subscription and install the software for unlimited use by anyone on all computers owned by the institution, such as university computer labs. Anyone who develops a product in this environment can later decide to sell it commercially by obtaining a personal subscription.

So I guess it would be free for you if your school decided to purchase a subscription, otherwise you will personally have to pay the subscription and any other people working on the project will need to as well. However you can cancel your subscription at any time and still continue to use UE4, you just won’t receive updates.

I have found my answer on the FAQ

question: Can universities, high schools, faculty and students use UDK for free?

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Glad you found the answer on the FAQ. For the time being, Epic is still offering commercial UDK licenses, so if the result of the school project is a commercial project, you can still purchase a commercial UDK license. But please bear in mind that commercial UDK licenses won’t be available indefinitely so the sooner you make the decision, the better.

That’s UDK, not Unreal Engine.

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