Students developing a Horror Game

Hi there,

we are a group of students who had the assigment to create a videogame in Unity3D, we started making it but with the release of Unreal Engine 4 we could not resist using it.

As you can see we are recycling example assets to test things up.

The game uses matches as a light mechanic, as they have a small duration, so you have to use them carefully.

Right now there are three of us in this forum: perepe, Sergi and me.

I hope we can be able to create amazing things. See you!

I’m always happy to see people working on horror games, I’m still holding out hope a studio will release a game that doesn’t just focus on shock-tactics to get their players scared, and instead puts them in an environment where they start to scare themselves without the game even needing to do anything. I’m really not sure why psychological horrors are rarely touched on.

All the best with your project, keep us posted on your progress!

Thank you very much for your support!

Games like the firsts Silent Hill really manage to do so, but I think it’s really difficult building the atmosphere and phsycology that goes there. But yeah, the ones that manage to do that are incredibly awesome ( and by awesome I mean scary )

Hey guys, this project looks really cool. Keep up with it. I’ve always the first three silent hills and the fact that you guys are influenced by it is pretty cool. If you guys are looking for someone to work on some audio or music for you, I can help. Some of my work can be found here: Stream Alex Harder music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Good luck and keep up the good work.

Hey, what happened to the project ? If you don`t support the game longer, please post the project on github. I would be very grateful!
All the best,

Love the creative light mechanic, is it a game you plan to release? If so, where and on what platforms? I myself am developing a horror game so it’s cool seeing all the other ideas people have :slight_smile: