Student Work| Boss Battle Game - I need tips :)

Hey folks,

I’m working on a game which involves Vindictus style boss battles. I’m posting here to let you all know my “to do” list that I will try to complete. If anyone has any pointers or tips be sure to let me know :smiley: I will appreciate it.

here is my work in progress so far:
Quick hit combos followed by a smash attack,
Anim trails + hit sprites spawning with line tracing,
Charge attacks
Damage modifiers
Skills (buffs only)

My team will be composed of my classmates some of whom are on the UE4 forums:
Thierry De-Haerne Voinson (Environment art)
Patrick Chamberland (Animation)
Alexandre Grenier-Marcil (VFX)
Florin Popescu (Animation)
Michel Quach (Character modeling)
Jahanzaib Chugthai (Rigging)
and me, Moize Opel will be taking care of Blueprints.

To do:

(1) A ranged character who strafes while performing attacks
Can charge 3 levels and unleash (1= Fire, 2=Ice, 3=Lightning)

(2) Able to summon 2 kinds of creatures:
Defensive summon: follows you and makes a healing circle when you HP drops below X amount also buffs your defence
Offensive summon: follows you and attacks enemy boss at intervals, debuffs boss speed

(3) Boss that can calculate the vector distance between itself and the player, based on the distance he performs the appropriate attack

(4) Boss has armor that has its own health, ones its health is 0, it becomes a breakable and breaks off on hit, which also increases the damage received by Boss.

(5) Maybe the summons have health and get targeted by AOE from the boss

(6) A character select screen that loads a new map based on the character you pick and the boss you pick

(7) Multiplayer: I know I’ll have a really hard time with this so any tips on Local Multiplayer or Online will help. I’ve tested via the 6 videos provided by unreal engine youtube channel and had no luck at all.

  • models from Mixamo

Update: Boss is in motion now with continous attacks, he’s gonna have times where he doesn’t attack giving the player some breathing space. Im gonna work on the ranged class now.

Now that the melee class is set up, I moved on to the ranged summoner class. Here’s a basic set up of the projectiles. I gotta trigger charge attacks, and make the AI Summons that help her.

Melee class set up is done :slight_smile:

Just gotta make summons and the prototype is done, then the team can start the real deal! There will be a lot of fine tuning later on.