Student Project!

Hey guys! We’re in the last sprint of completing a game in Unreal Engine for our senior project. Right now we’ve got a local-multiplayer versus match up and running with 5/6 of the intended gun types in the game right now. So if you’ve got a few extra minutes, a couple of controls, and some friends to play with, please check out the current build!

Keep an eye on this space, I’ll get some screen shots and promo art posted here. I will also continue to update the link to the project. After we demo the game at East Coast Game Conference, we’ll likely release the project as a whole if anyone is interested.

Controls (xbox controller)
Right Trigger – Shoot
Right Bumper – Grapple Hook
Left Trigger – Stunfield
X Button – Dash
DPad Left/Right – Change Weapons

new link with improvements to the camera