Student Project - Xenon Small town environment

Hi guys!!

I made this environment with a friend for a uni project. We were just able to do a walkthrough of the environemnt but it was going to be a playable lvl…
The project is aimed for mobile, all the folliage is compatible with mobile and it follows the mobile guidelines.

We had a short time for lighting and I think thats a big problem for it, and thats why it doesnt look better…

What we want to do in order to improve the environment is to break the mobile limitations and do it for pc, with a better folliage shader and without those limitations. Also the lighting has to be changed but we are a little bit lost in how we can improve that.

Here they are some screenshots and a walkthrough of the lvl right now:

And the VIDEO:


I have modified the main post with updated screenshots.

The global illumination is not perfect and thats what I would love to change in order to make this a portfolio piece. Any feedback will be very much appreciate it!!