Student Project - Altered Beast remake

The goal of this project was to take an old game; in this case Altered Beast, and remake it in 7 weeks. We had to take some elements of existing gameplay and incorporate a new twist to it.

The team consisted of 6 members:
2 Level Artists / Technical Artist
1 Animator
2 Character Artists
1 Game / Level Designer

and as always, comments and critiques are more then welcome.

Here are some images of the environment.

I used to love this game. Looks good.

I’ve played a lot in the Genesis.
Also, nice environment :slight_smile:

Rise from your grave!!! Such a classic, I played the original the other day…still couldn’t beat it even when playing 2p with my friend. :smiley:

looking really good so far :slight_smile:

Never played the original game … but this is looking good. Good job and keep it up. 8-}

Art looks awesome!

“rise from your grave!!!”

I see you guys have no programmer, is that the case or has Blueprint solved all of your issues?

really nice job! I am also doing a 3d side scroller, based on an old game, this is full of good inspirations!

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

@kindakreator: we indeed had no programmers, our game/level designer was able to do everything through blueprint (player mechanics and AI for the npc’s) :slight_smile:

I like that game. Will you make the complete first stage ?

Galeon: lol don’t think so, punchline and i are working at ubisoft for this summer so we don’t have that much free time :wink:

P.S i was the other level artist working on that project