Student Project .1v1 unreal tournament level

Hey guys ,

This thread will be updated weekly with new WIP shots on the project.
For school we have to make a 2 player level in the unreal editor.

My ideas for this level was to make a Museum level heavily based on the Natural History Museum.

Here is a little refboard.

I had to start by making a blockout of the level i had in mind.

Difficulties I encountered with making this Museum blockout:
-There are a lot of long corridors which I had to break somehow to make the level more interesting.
-Adding height variation is difficult.
-Difficult to add cover in certain rooms/corridors.

Here are a few screenshots of the blockout:
please note that i’m new to unreal engine and still have a lot to learn.

Overview Shot:

Other Shots:

Feedback C&C is greatly appreciated!
Next week i’ll try to finish some base textures :slight_smile:

Looking good, is each room going to have a different theme/era?

Well, i’m planning to have the old/traditional rooms (mainly the main floor) in contrast with more modern/minimalistic designed rooms.

This week i didn’t finish the base textures but instead I rebuild my blockout from scratch because the previous file got corrupted.
Not too bad I guess, learned some valuable lessons :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some screens of the new one…

An overview of the level.


Screens of the main floor.

Auditorium room which is connected to the main room and siderooms.
On this part I’m planning to go for a more modern style.

Corridor that connects the auditorium to main and sideroom.

Lift that goes to the second floor.

Balconies. (also serve as a connection to the auditorium)

“Eagle’s Nest” , highest spot in the level. can also be reached by taking the jumppad on the main floor.

Overall pretty happy with the gameplay. now I have to let other people playtest my level to finetune it and then starting my buildingblocks/textures.

See you next week :slight_smile:

Hello again.

This week I made the first basetextures for my level.
Those textures are entirelly procedural.

Basetextures for the walls and the marble texture.

now I’m working on the generation of mosaic tiles

That’s all for this week.
feel free to give me some constructive criticism.

Balcony made out of modular pieces

Looking great!