Student project: 19 Students working on a MOBA for PS4/PC looking for help

Update 21/6/2016
No more people are required since the project is coming to an end. Here is a recent screenshot for those who are interested:

Update 13/5/2016
The VFX positions are filled! We are now looking for environment/prop artists!
I also have some recent screenshots of the game:
facebook new2.jpg
facebook new.jpg

Update 4/4/2016 We are making great progress. We are feature complete, had MoCap session and loads of assets are going into the game soon.
The game is Feature complete and we will start public testing soon, for more information about our game (and people who want to test the game) look at our website:

Here is a recent video of our game.

The openings have been updated as well!

Update! We have been in production for 8 weeks now and things start to look good.
We have made a short trailer from our pre-alpha build so you can see our progress.
I have also changed the current open positions, have a look!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, let me introduce myself and the team.
I am William Praat, student at the NHTV and team lead of a 1 year project with 19 students of various universities.

The team
Students of the NHTV (Netherlands, Breda), Artez Conservatorium (Netherlands, Enschede), and Hanzehogeschool (Netherlands, Groningen)
are collaborating on the development of a MOBA game for PC and PS4.
Our goal for this project is to make portfolio piece that stands out from the crowd, we are not aiming to generate any kind of income.

The game
Although the game plays similar to a MOBA-like game, there are many gameplay elements that are different.
The goal for the player is to collaborate with his or her team mate to defeat the other teams and the boss in the middle.

The theme is set in a futuristic-Roman style. The Roman empire found a revolutionary substance that boosted their wealth, power and technology.
Consuming the substance allowed the Romans to live longer, get stronger and gave them magical powers.
What they did not know is that the substance has a dark side, over a long period it becomes addictive and causes corruption and hate in the mind.

We are using Unreal 4 as our engine (of course), are developing for PC and have a license to develop for the PS4.
The audio engineers will be using FMOD to implement their music and SFX.

Current state of the project
At the moment we are in the production phase. The tech side is going very fast, our programmers have already finished the development of all the main features.
The game is playable and the networking works. Of course polishing, improving the game’s performance and solving bugs will be a lot of work, but we are getting there.
In terms of art we still need to do quite some work. To get an idea of our scope: we are aiming to finish 1 level, 1 player character (with multiple armour sets/weapons),
1 minion (pallet swapping and multiple armour sets/weapons), and one Boss. In total the game will feature up to 36 player spells/skills.
At the bottom of this post you can see some images of our art and game.

We have 2 openings at the moment, this might change in the future since in a few weeks we have a chance that more students will be joining our team.

  1. Prop/environment artists
    Modelling and Texturing props for the level.

If you feel like you can contribute to this project, but your skills do not fit in one of these openings, feel free to contact me.
For more info you can also contact me at [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you.



We have found the people we need, but extra support for the art department is always welcome.


New positions and added a trailer!

Updated openings and added new video.

Updated openings and added some new screen shots.