Student Needs Interview With Developer For School Project

Hi there, my name is Joe and I am a gaming/animation student in Texas. For one of our projects I need to film an interview with a developer asking a few simple questions such as how they got started in the industry and what advice they have for students trying to get into the industry. It would just be simple skype interview that I would record.

It would mean a lot to me as a student to hear from a serious professional. This is a fun industry but it’s daunting trying to get started. If anyone can help I would love to set up a time that is convenient to have a short ten minute skype interview.

Thank You. :slight_smile:

Hey there Joe,

I am by no means a professional, but I figured I would shoot you a reply with an idea. You said you were from Texas, depending on what part I know there are a ton of reputable studios that operate in Austin, Texas that might be cool to meet in person if you have the time or inclination. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Good Luck


Yeah, when I read this, I immediately thought of Bioware. :slight_smile:

Send me a PM if you do not get anyone else to help and I would be more than glad to do it.