Student - Need help with normal maps!

I’m a first year student, so I know next to nothing :slight_smile:
I’ve just made a piano. I added textures. When I import into unreal it looks flat and unrealistic. I believe I need to add normal maps to the materials? The lighting just needs to look better on it. I have tried for hours to find a decent tutorial on how to unwrap my 3d model and create a normal map for it, then import the normal map to add to the material in Unreal but I can’t find anything that helps. I just want my piano to look more realistic in terms of the materials on it :frowning:
Can someone help me please? And yes I know I’m using sketchup and that I should be using 3dsmax or Maya etc but that’s what the course is teaching us. I will get to Maya one day I guess.
Thank you!