Student, looking to create a game for portfolio work and get experience along the way.

So I study Games Design at University. I was wondering if there were any scripters/programmers out their who are wanting to do the same as me, that is create a game from scratch, learn along the way and produce a game that could be used as part of a portfolio.

I am wanting to learn how to use blueprints as this is something that is very “go off and find out yourself how to do” at University. I can then apply techniques learnt from creating this game into my studies.

I have an idea, (keeping it a secret for now), sounds easy enough to make into a game but I lack the knowledge of Blueprints. Thought I would ask as my alternative is to try and learn this all myself.

Some of the things that I am looking to do are:

Tool Belt
Weapons System

I have experience using 3DS MAX as well as Maya (not so recent) and would love to share what I know with a fellow peer.

If it did happen to go somewhere, I would happily split any profit 50/50 but this is more just for portfolio work.

I really just want to go through the pipeline and create my own first game.

Think this is something you might be interested in, send me a reply.



No no, you should not go out in the real world and start actually doing anything like learning to work…or using blueprints instead of real coding.
Also do not spill you’re top secret game idea to anyone and keep it for yourself till the end. Especially if its probably as creative as survival zombie horror or MMORPG.
Those gamefeatures you describe (inventory, weapons system and so on) are so radical new to the industry that you should consider removing it from youre posting and
keep it as you’re personal IP, which in this case means intellectual property if you can really call it intellectual.
Aply this to youre studies and save youre parents the money for you’re university!

How is this helping anyone? Do yourself and everyone involved a favor by simply stating what you mean to say and in a way that’s meant to assist those you’re communicating with in achieving their goals. Offering suggestions, critique, ect. is perfectly fine but what you’ve written simply comes off as rude and disappointing. Every post that you (or anyone) makes here reflects on all of us as a whole community, not only here at the Unreal forums, but also as a community of game developers. We’re better than this.

Now, to address Bowwers.

  1. Your knowledge of modeling is definitely useful for many; especially due to specialization (I, for instance, don’t yet have experience with 3D modeling (am about to start tonight… again) as I came from a 2D background using GameMaker).
  2. Blueprints are not only flexible and relatively easy to learn, but they’ll also teach you how the Unreal Engine functions. This will help you NOT HURT YOU when/if you should transition to C++.
  3. A good learning source (for me) for C++ is Sololearn. It’s a website and I’ve been having fun with it (completely free; as far as I know it’s donation driven?)

I’m interested in the idea of working with someone else who also hasn’t released anything in UE4 (it’s actually why I’m on the forums right this moment) as this entire thing has been a learning experience for me but I still don’t feel like I’m well suited for it. Just too much of a “jack of all trades” and I haven’t actually become even a novice in anything other than blueprint scripting (still learning C++, just now starting on Maya (thanks plasma donations ene), new to working in a 3D environment, ect.) But I’m a decent games designer, have created 3 viable products, and don’t utterly suck as a human being. So maybe there’s potential there. Just worried that I’d let you down, really.

You nailed it… I wish I could have responded like you because I get so angry when I see responses like that (from Xeny). I’ve deleted my snarky responses!


I once got an angry (very) email from an ex’s current bf. tl;dr “Don’t ever talk to her or else”. Due to my response we not only became good friends but I also became their relationship counselor for about a week. Then I got bored/busy and stopped responding. c: I’d make a pretty solid community manager/interactor with enough time and experience (with both the company and community) xD

Edit: To be clear we were “good friends” for about a week. Not a terrible person and I thought he’d be a decent friend but I’m someone who only keeps as many friends as I can realistically handle. And 4-6 is my max. Any more than that and I start forgetting about people or always being too busy for some of them. Not the experience I’d like to give to friends. And I’d never throw out the old for the new.

Edit 2: Aaaaand I’m hijacking a thread. Ohboy. Let’s uh… let’s just move on >->

Xeny, your answer was both unhelpful and the exact opposite of what tutors at University encourage to do when learning games design. Tutors with many years experience, working in industry.

Don’t go out into the real world and start actually doing anything? I can’t understand if this is a joke or not?

Don’t learn blueprints instead of real code? Did I say I wanted to be a programmer? No! I want to learn scripting.

You make inventory, weapon system and so on sound like some top secret that no ones done before thus telling me to remove them from the description. So many games these days use this function and as I am looking for a scripter, don’t you think it would be a good idea to let them know the type of things I need creating for this project?

Save my parents the money for University? I pay for University!

Intellectual Property? I am creating a portfolio piece not the next AAA title. I couldn’t give a **** if people found out what the idea was to be honest.

I have seen so many postings on the forums where all the replies are to help the person who posted nothing like what you have wrote? Do you actually work in industry? If so I feel sorry for the company for hiring someone as negative and unprofessional as you make yourself sound. Do me a favour and do not reply to any of my posts again.

To everyone else, thank you for your comments.

I don’t know what the deal was with that guys response, he’s quite upset you’re trying to learn apparently, but I think it’s an awesome idea and would love to take part!

I’ve recently just been working with someone and we learned source control, and we learned a lot working together, but he’s busy lately and doing his own single project, and I’d definitely like another group/person to work with

I’m a scripter with blueprints (very little to zero “real” coding), do level design, and am somewhat of an all-rounder who can, in general, get stuff working, but maybe isn’t an expert in any field.

I would love to finish a simple project to completion.

I’ll send you a PM as well with my contact methods

If he’s in, I’m in.

That is, if you’re both willing? xD
I think between the 3(+?) of us something might work out. I do also have a Steam Developer license (only $100 so I don’t really know if that’s exactly helpful xD) and a Google Play Developer Account (again, $25 so… xD).

Eh hem. “I’m helpiiiing!”.