[Student game project] Grandma's Bao Shop

Hi, I am a 3D modeller student who is currently trying to make a short playable RPG demo about a girl who took over her grandmother’s bao shop.

The game’s art style is a low poly 3D style and it uses UE4. Set within a small town with Chinatown-inspired buildings, the town is located on a floating island in the sky. Overall, it is a a delivery quest game where you learn more about the characters through dialogue.

The main character will go to various buildings within the town to collect ingredients, go back to her shop to make her baos, deliver the them to everyone and then go to the final area of the game.

These are some screenshots from my WIP, I will be updating as I continue working on it.

Thanks for reading!
If you are interested in seeing some of my other work, please check out my artstation: