Student Game - PickPon

Hello everyone,

I’m currently studying at Future Games and this is our first project game: PickPon

PickPon is a wild player versus player arena battle game for 2-4 players.

Face off against your friends in an intense and crazy showdown where being the fastest and smartest collector is the name of the game. Compete to pick up the most items before the timer runs out, but be careful! The other competitors can steal your items before you deposit them in your zone!

There are many different ways to play to get to the top, but only one can win the collectorbot championship!

*Controllers are required

Game Design:
Bruno Brito, Josefine Folkesson, John Walden

3D Artists:
Fredrik Gard, Lukas Graff, Oscar Hallberg, Stephanie Strand

2D Artists:
Eddi Pettersson, Lilly Wang

*PickPon is a Future Games Production

Game build link: https://changemakereducation-my.shar…Pe5EA?e=naeV4C

Trailer: PickPon Trailer - YouTube




and where / if do you have released the un-built / un-cooked .uproject so we can learn from the project?
as this is the forum for released projects, not for just showing off.

I will check with the school if we can release the entire project, if its ok I will be happy to share it here :slight_smile:
and btw the Release Projects section is for ¨For announcing the release of new products, or showing off your completed work.¨

So I just talked with my Head of Education about this. He will check it out and give me an answer. I will update this post if they permit the full project release. Keep alert here :slight_smile:

Hi, I used the Ball Rolling template and have tried to add local multiplayer without any luck. I bought “Shared Camera” on the marketplace, but the closes I have got is UE opens multiple windows of the game for each player, but even then you cant see each persons ball move on the other running sessions. Any advice on adding additional local players with their own controllers to a Ball Rolling game in the same screen? a link, video or blueprint screenshot would all be appreciated. Thanks, Im an artist and just tinker in Unreal engine hoping to make some games for me to play with my son.

Very nice work !

Looks very funny, great work! :slight_smile:

Hello there :smiley:

You can follow this tutorial to get your couch multiplayer running with a single camera:

If you want to have the control for splitting the cameras over the game you will need to create a specific c++ class for that, its sounds (ohh shiit c++ noooo) but its easy to do it. make sure you have VS17 installed and follow this tutorial:


I hope those links help you out :slight_smile: