Student Game - Hideout: Face your fears

Hello! This is our final university project and it’s now on Steam. We are looking for feedback :grin:


"Immerse yourself in this third-person stealth adventure, which is set in a world devastated by artificial intelligence that shattered our society as we knew it. Navigate the world as May, a survivor who lives inside a bunker in the mountains, looking for medicine for her brother, Jack, who is on the verge of death. On her way, she will be blocked by robots designed to hunt down humans, five types of deadly machines that will not hesitate for a second to end May’s life. The only way this young woman will survive is to stay in the shadows and go unnoticed, using the environment as her cover.

May will have a tool that will allow her to interact with the town’s devices: activate and deactivate doors and generators, discover secret information and create objects that help her on her odyssey against the robots through distraction, location and temporary incapacitation.

In this slow-paced, tactical adventure game, the setting and narrative create an atmosphere of tension and suspense that accompanies the experience. May’s vulnerability adds to these characteristics: if the robots hit you, it’s GAME OVER. Will you help May save her brother and discover the secret that this town hides?"

Main features:

  • Navigate through three different settings: forest, town, and laboratory.

  • Take on five different types of enemies, each with a different role.

  • Discover the collectibles that have a secret history.

  • Solve the enigmas that the mysterious town houses.

  • Create and use four different objects that interact with enemies.

Hideout: Face your fears