Student Game - Dungeon Town

Hi guys!

We’re a team of 10 guys who used Unreal Engine 4 as a part of our final year project at Media Design School in New Zealand.

Dungeon Town is a unique dungeon crawler that mixes city-building elements with characters skill tree progression. The city construction and layout in Dungeon Town challenges the player to construction the most effective city build, which in turn enables the player to have the most powerful skill build. Finally to build the city you need resources, which can only be found in the dungeon underneath the new found city.

We now have a website up with downloads, found here:


Heavy Snowfall


your game is looking really good. I hope we will see this game in steam after your final exam. :slight_smile:

Keep us updated!

great work you guys. Looks like the start of a good studio.

We now have a website up with downloads, found here:


Looks like a solid concept guys, excited to test it out!

looking good guys… but the 2 different art styles need a bit more tying together