stuck with world composition

hi all,

i am trying out some of my wm landscapes in unreal and it works great.
single maps are easy and for the tiled maps i have followed the wiki worfklow of enabling the world composition-

and that is where i got stuck.
imported a 16 tile landscape and tweaked the scene some. i would like to proceed with the scene but:

  • i cannot move any of the tiles.
  • imported a single landscape actor into the scene and now it too cannot be moved.

apparently the tiles are locked. some refer to editing them in world browser but i cannot find the feature in 4.10 or 9.

each time the project is opened all of the levels are unloaded which i have to do manually. can i preload the levels on start? is it an .ini thing?

attached are some screencaps:
basically i´d like to start expanding on the horizont with a couple of more instanced landscape actors, placed so they obscure the obvious cutoff.

presumably my issue has something to do with the way levels are handled, but i actually dont need them as such. if there is a workaround where i can import tiled maps into a single level, that would probably be best.

btw, i had to downscale the screencaps in order to upload them.
anyone knows what the upper res limit/size is?

Not typing on dev rig, going by memory. so this is rough:

World Settings → Enable World Composition…
Window → Levels…

Then load all the tiles that you want (Checkmark or Double-click etc)
Then there’s a button in that Window to take you to the World Browser.
Its a 2D window popup that allows you to drag the tiles around as needed.
Then when you return to the editor viewport the changes have kicked in.
Its the same for the full Kite demo iirc, so search on that if needed.
I forget the option to save for preload, but again look at the Kite threads!

cheers frank,

im a dolt, was looking all over the place and missed the icon.
the world composition opens, but icant seem to zoom in or out. i will figure it out though.

so if i am to bring another landscape actor in, should i do it via level or just by regular means?
if i just import a single map landscape into the scene, i cannot move that either.

what i am wondering how these levels relate to the active scene i am in. done some reading, its still a bit convoluted.


LMB Drag a tile
RMB pan around
Mouse scroll wheel zoom in / out

If you want to drag the landscape around the level w/o world browser, you need to disable ‘Enable World Composition’…
Then you can drag the parent tile and its children will follow. The parent is the one w/o a Landscape Proxy / Actor Parameter.
With ‘Enable World Composition’ enabled, Non-tiled landscapes can’t be moved either, but they also don’t show up in levels…
Solution? Disable World Comp! But what if you need to rearrange the tiles again, as UE4 doesn’t just let you simply re-enable WC…?

‘Do it via level’ or ‘regular means’… Not sure what you’re asking here??? Also, I’m probably not a good role model :stuck_out_tongue:
Overall, I like to hack and hammer things till I get something I like the look of. Game design = imperfect art :slight_smile:
Also, sometimes you can take existing landscapes and mod them, instead of resorting to 1st-base: wm / heightmaps / importing…

frank you are a prince. this helps alot.

i am trying your tips out and will probably have more questions.
working on a wacom here without a mouse, so i have to figure out how to zoom around:/

thank you!