Stuck with a looping spline.

Stuck with a looping spline.

Hi Guys, I’m making a small level where a character is set on a closed circular spline, I am wanting to make it loop around in either direction
I’ve managed to get it to do it one way by saying if the Distance Along Spline is >= Get Spline Length AND if it is Moving Right (Bool) set the Distance Along Spline to 0.

Going the other way is where I get stuck!

I’ve currently got Distance Along Spline <= 0 AND if it is Moving Left (Bool) set the Distance Along Spline.

I want to get the maximum value of the spline (which will be different in the various levels) but I’m not sure how to find it.
I was thinking percentages or maybe something to do with get spline length again but I’m a bit stuck.
Any Help would be much appreciated! To see the blue prints/ a video of the issue

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Fixed it by putting the Get Spline Length in to Distance Along Spline!