Stuck...trying to change the values of a crafting recipe

I’ve hit a brick wall and I can’t figure out the problem.

My goal: I want to adjust the resource requirements for certain recipes. As a test I tried to alter the amount of wood required for the wooden foundation from 80 to 30 and then cook it and upload it to the workshop.

What I’ve done so far: I downloaded and installed the Ark Dev Kit v224.5 from the Epic Games Launcher. Then I read this guide ->

What my editor looks like:


After cooking it as a Game Mod, I uploaded it, subscribed to it, and tested it on a single player map (yes I enabled the mod in the game config options).

I get this error every time I try to load the game, and then it crashes:

ARK error.jpg

Someone PLEASE tell me what I have to do to fix this? I’ve spent many hours trying to figure this out and I just don’t get it.
I just want to know how to simply upload a mod that changes the resource requirement. I’ve read through the ARK modding wiki and the Unreal Engine wiki and my head is going to explode.

Can anyone help me out?

Hey man, ill create a tutorial today on how to do this, I think the problem is pretty obvious. But id need to look into it a little more to be certain

What’s the obvious problem? I want to get an idea of what I’m doing wrong.

Until one of the experts come back online I’d suggest try cooking you changes as a total conversion. If that works then you must have made a mistake implementing or linking up your new child classes.

Won’t that just create a second copy of the blueprint instead of overwriting it?

Not entirely sure why you have two level files, but nevertheless, two basics. Level file needs to point to the PrimalGameData, and the PrimalGameData points to the TestGameMode.

You appear to be missing the actual BP for the foundation(these have icons depicting the object they represent), as you’re changing the crafting requirements you have two options.

Either delete what you’re doing and directly edit the original primal item structure, where you found it, then cook as a total conversion(replaces the in-game defaults), OR, copy over the BP for the foundation and tell that to “consume” your custom PrimalItemStructure file, and that in turn, needs to “build” the copied over BP for the foundation itself(creates a duplicate in the game).

From there, you need to add your custom foundation to the Additional structures to place array in the PrimalGameData.


Thanks for the reply.
I don’t want to make a copy of the Wooden Foundation engram, I just want to replace the original to require 30 wood instead of 80.

So if I wanted to do a total conversion, I just find the blueprint in the editor, change the wood requirement, and then hit Steam Upload and choose total conversion?
What do I put in the map field? TheIsland? Or do I leave it blank?

There are technically two ways of doing TC’s. The former was what was provided by Wildcard, the latter(below) has been effective more often than not from what I’ve heard.


Ok, I went through that guide and setup a new TC folder in the mods folder.
But the guide doesn’t say what I do with blueprints I want to change, like what I explained with wooden foundation.

Do I create a child blueprint of PrimalItemStructure_WoodFloor in my TC folder? Do I have to rename it so it doesn’t have “_Child” at the end? And then do I have to do anything with any of the other files to associate the WoodFloor BP or will it just overwrite the original file when I package this up in the workshop?

I’m a total noob here. I need detailed instructions.

Edit: Last question - I have a rope bridge mod I found in the workshop. Will my total conversion mod work with that? If not how do I change the recipe resource requirements without making a duplicate recipe but still keeping other mods I’ve found?