Stuck on what to create.

I’m still learning Unreal but my biggest issue isn’t with the learning…it’s what to create.

I’ve hit a creative block, any assistance with ideas of small projects (that isn’t snake or pong etc) would be great.

Stuff I can add to my portfolio :slight_smile:



What are your skills? :slight_smile:
You could do something like Mario or a simple tower defense game

I think if I really had something to focus on rather than think oh hey that’s a good idea…wait no let’s try something else I could actually finish a project.

Design doc time then! Sit down and write out the first good idea that comes to your head that you think you could complete in 1-2 months :). Write it out in as much detail in design doc format as you can. Take a whole day to do it. Flesh it out. Eat. Come back. Flesh it out more. Poke holes in it. Fix the holes. Eat again. Come back. Read it, ponder it, rewrite it if you have to. Sleep. Wake up. Re-read it. Still a good idea? Get to work and we’ll see you in 3-6 months (note how the amount of time has tripled from your expectation).


Whenever I get a creative block, it helps to look at art or movies. Maybe you could try browsing games similar to the ones you would like to create, and see if you can draw any inspiration from it? I also learned that it isn’t good to force yourself to work during a period of creative block. Sometimes a break is all you need. =)

What is your favourite game? Is there a facet of that you could turn into a game?

What is your favourite game? How could you change the game to make it different?

Hah… :slight_smile: I have an absolute super cool idea about a game, but I still need to climb higher on the learning curve to be able to do it…:rolleyes:
Id rather have the skills and a creative block than a super cool idea but not enough knowledge about game logic implementation to make it happen.:stuck_out_tongue:

Reallllyyy??? This is your question. Can’t decide? Wow. I would not recommend getting into the industry then. If this part is difficult can u imagine when you actually start to develop and make decisions on game play and interaction.

I bet everyone…everyone here knew exactly what they wanted to create even before they picked up the engine. my2c.

How much are you ready to bet?
I picked up the engine because I wanted to create games, any game, without knowing which one exactly.
Programming is my job for more than 20 years, so learning this engine is quite easy.
I am like the original poster, I need to find a good idea for a small project.

@SORiNGames: have you ever considered that not everybody wants to get in to the industry … a lot of people are considered Hobbyists and do it for the love of doing it and not because they want to make a career out of it.

Yes I have and I am in that same field and I know exactly what I want to make. But that could be just me. lol

Then if the person just wanted to learn the engine then anything would do really.

I’m learning UE4 for the sake of learning. I also went to AI but that was over 10 years ago