Stuck on Toggle Static Mesh visibility inside of a actor blueprint if button is pressed

I am not a programmer and I am stuck trying to make a static mesh in my vehicle blueprint turn visible and invisible once I press a button in the customization menu. What I want to happen is for the player to click on a button which then will go to the Car blueprint and toggle the hat from visible to invisible.

I have 2 Car blueprints. One, the player can control and another is just a static duplicated version of the first one in the customization screen (as seen below).

I have made a Customization UI overlay which allows the player to click buttons which should turn certain static meshes visible and invisible. The customization menu is in a different map compare to the Car and I am not sure how to reference between them.

This is how the customization menu looks like (left-hand side). The player will press a button and it will make static meshes inside of the car (right-hand side) blueprint visible or invisible (Like the hat or glasses).

This is what my code looks like the inside of the customization UI overlay. I am not sure what to add to the object part of ‘cast to StaticDadmobile’ (My Car blueprint) to make the hat (Fadora turn visible and invisible). I tried adding the Fadora mesh as an object and it keeps asking me for a target.

If the menu and the car are in different levels, you need to use level streaming, otherwise when you load the car level, the menu level will dissapear.

Here’s something about streaming and menus: