stuck on tek saddle

Hello, very new Modder here, recently got the dev kit and found some wondrous things in here!!.. one of them is a Tek Wyvern Saddle, ive watched and rewatched tutorial videos many times, and researched for a few days…

my issue is that after making a working New modded wyvern with a saddle slot, and getting the tek wyvern saddle into the mod folders, making it buildable and in the engram list… i go to equip it and it fits in the inventory saddle slot, with the correct icon texutres and mesh… but no saddle on the wyvern in testarea…

i remade the saddleBP with a primitive GigasaddleBP as a template instead of the rexTEKsaddleBP i used previously… the giga saddle displayed its normal giga saddle on the wyvern, just waaay off the axis, thats fine not what i was testing for anyway… i Think my issue is that im missing a Skeleton and Skeletal Mesh for the Tek Wyvern saddle… it seems all i have are the textures Materials and the static Mesh… how would i go about making a custom skeleton/mesh to be used on the wyvernsaddle?

Is your modded wyver a child or a copy of a wyvern that can accept the teksaddle (Which one)?
Same question for the tesaddle, did you make a copy or a child?

I ask because If you made copies then it’s quite possible there are references or tests for the original classes in either (or both) of these BPs that are no longer valid since your modded versions don’t inherit from the original classes.

i made copies not childs

every referencefile ive found ive copied over into the mod folder for the cooking process later on but searching the dev kit i cannot find the skeleton and skeletalmesh for the wyvern tek saddle, and i have no idea how to make new custom files

My recommendation is to try again with children rather than copies, all of those things will be inherited and you likely won’t have to do a ridiculous amount of hunting for reference replacement.

i think the issue is with the saddle not the modded wyvern, i have a wyvern, im testing in the test area, ive added a saddle slot to its inventory, made its CustomTag to be used with saddles, ive made a primitive saddle using the giga saddle as a base, changed the tags, and equiped it to the wyvern in playmode of the test area,it worked and displayed the saddle (off center but thats not an issue if im not even gonna use this saddle), searching into the file i saw it had a giga saddle Skeleton file in the primalitem references… which is where my tek wyvern saddle issue i think comes into play

if i search the Game folder in the Dev kit for “Wyvern” i can locate the original “PrimalEarth\TekTier\Tek_Wyvern_Saddle” folder with all the materials and textures… but when i search Game folder for “Wyvern” and only search for skeletons or skeletal BP, i cant find anything relating to the saddle…(all the other tek saddles have skeleton\ skeletal bp for them)am i the only one missing these files, does everyone else have them in their copy of the devkit?

everyvideo tutorial ive seen from various youtube playlists do the Copy routine starting with the skeletons/BPs/ and normals\diffuse…how would i start making childs without having the skeletal bp/skeleton files? or do i have to make the skeleton files manually?

you do not need to make a new skeleton. you already have a mesh and model with animations etc and they are already set up for the existing wyvern BPs. all you have to do is properly inherit them to your modded wyvern. I know a lot of tutorials use copies but a lot of them do this inappropriately. the difference is what class ends up being the parent and this has a massive impact on what your wyvern class is recognized as in code.

Make children of the wyvern and saddle BPs and try to work from there.

Other than that someone with more experience dealing with meshes, skeletons, and animations will have to help you as I’m not the most experienced in that area.

Edit: I do not know if the wyvern tek saddle was ever actually made a finished product, I know it didn’t make it into the game so it may not have everything as you suggest. My reason for suggesting the use of child BPs is to reduce the amount of work you would potentially have to do in order to get it to work if more is still required

well, im still tinkering with the Tek Saddle part… trying to either somehow make it into a Costume or a Saddle… but without a Skeleton to target the mesh to with the proper bones… at a standstill on this part of the project for a bit…

THANK YOU!! ZenRowe your advice on the Childs helped me upload my first functional and bug free mod!! however side note… Child files are werent possible for any of the textures or materials it gave me errors, i still had to copy everything, only the BPs were Child-able-files (wierd)