Stuck on specific (conditional) gun animation

So i want specific gun animations based off ammo

This is hard to explain without going into a lot of detail so ill try to sum it up

  • Player shoots handgun but reloads mid clip
  • Animation for reloading plays as normal
  • Player shoots handgun… runs out of ammo… slide stays in back position
  • Player presses reload
  • Animation plays reloading the clip but leaves the slide back
  • player now is able to walk around with handgun with slide open
  • when player presses reload again and the animation clicks the slide release
    and is back into normal handgun position

i am also going to have the option so that the player can hold the reload button for 1 second
and it will automatically cycle the slide release animation when it gets there to not make it
take any longer than normal. Also both animations need to be identical in speed if the
reload button is held.

So… my question is… how do i approach this.
i know i need the separate animations and i can mask the animation for walking around with the
slide locked open. but what about rigging the gun… how would i go about manipulating the slide like this
would that all be done in the different animations or am i going to need to animate the slide
from within the blueprints like changing its position when no ammo.

this is just really messing with my head LOL… any insight would be great.