Stuck on LaunchPad tutorial

I have 0 experience with any of this stuff so I have been going from tutorial to tutorial (and doing them on average 4 times each to get a better feel for it). When I got to the launchpad tutorial I noticed the option they have in the tutorial is not an option in this version of unreal. Tutorial calls for the option of OnComponentBeginOverlap in blueprint editor which is not there so I guessed it would be OnActorBeginOverlap (as closest option that exists). After doing the rest of the steps it does nothing when in the play testing part. I am assuming it is just a version difference and I am missing something, Just dont know what as i am completely new to any of this.

OnComponentbeginOverlap is still there, for “Components”, such as Skeletal Meshes.

Also issues with overlap can occur for various reasons, first check that both actors which should interact OnOverlap have “Overlap Events” enabled, inside the related blueprint settings (mesh panel). Also only use Physical collision if both actors are physics assets.