Stuck on basic life needs .... Water.... :)

Hello everyone,

i am trying to build a kind of fountain and managed to get a decent static water that works fine on my mobile, but … i cannot find any way to get a waterfall effect. Excluding particles, any way to get a waterfall effect on mobile ?

Picture should explain what i want to achieve, the water should fall from the top like a waterfall, textures are wip, ignore them :wink:


i cannot find anything useful on the marketplace and water example are not working with 4.14 :frowning:

Maybe there is a similar effect somewhere and i did not find it yet, any suggestion is much appreciated, thank you !!!


For a very basic effect you want to get a plane or perhaps two stacked infront of each other and then run a material with masked texture of water foam. Then you’d use a panner node in the material to animate the texture. You could also use particles with depth fade for something a little more expensive but a lot nicer.

There is an example of this in the free infinity pack content of flowing lava using only a masked texture. Not sure which one exactly but I believe it is in the infinity effects pack on the marketplace.