Stuck. Just trying to make a drone.


I am trying to create a hovering attack drone using a asset from the marketplace. I can get it to to move. The method I tied is below.

I created a base actor that would contain important functions and data. Then I created a child actor that contains a skeletal mesh and collision box. Everything is marked movable. The parent of the skeletal mesh is the collision box. The begin play in the child takes the box and sets it to enable simulation emulation. I think it’s enabled for the skeletal mesh.

I created a hover component similar to the UE4 hover componet tutorial. It uses the collision box to add orce. I am not sure what’s wrong.

I would like a base actor then child of various enemies with a flight component (Hover for now with a quaternion adjustment that can keep it up right). I am not worried about a scout, idle, or attack state but it will be helpful to do the first part maybe with a attack.

Thanks for any help.


I am trying this tutorial for the hover component.

The asset is.