Stuck installing UE4 at 87%

Hello everyone. I am currently installing UE4 for the first time just to mess around and try it out since I like creating games. However, it is stuck installing on 87% and it doesn’t seem that it wants to budge. I have a laptop with Windows 7 with average or low specs so I guess it might be that. But, it was installing/downloading fine before.

My question is should I be worried? Or should I just wait and see? Regardless, I still think there’s something wrong. If you need any sort of logs or changing of directories or any sort of help from my part, please do ask and also guide me on how to do so.

Thank you for your help!


IMPORTANT! Nevermind. It seems that it gets stuck for a while on 87% but then continues normally with it’s own pace.

It was stuck for some time at 87 % by me as well. I waited and installation continued :wink:

Its still installing, if you hover over the pause button it will flash up what it is doing…most likely debugging, just be patient and it will install,its still installing, if you hover over the pause button you will see that it flashes up that its still doing stuff…just be patient