Stuck in tutorial

Stuck while starting from scratch in the tutorial “FBX importing and using Skeletons”

Am complete beginner and have started of with the tutorial videos. Have imported and unfolded files(HeroTDD.FBX) as shown in the tutorial. Simply can´t import into the newly created “Character” when dragging them to the folder.

Pretty early and annoying to experience problems like this already. Wish there was some kind of “Tutor Hotline” for the thousands of obstacles to appear in the coming week, but without being able to continue the tutorial, wonder if I have the patience to wait.

Do you have any idea how to solve this particular problem and last but not least, how to secure a continues learning path for newbies?

How exactly do you try to import the mesh? Normally it should work when you click on the import button - choose the file - ok - choose your settings -> now it should be in the content browser. :slight_smile: