Stuck in T-Pose: Setting up character movement in blueprints

So being somewhat new to the unreal engine I decided to try my hand at animation by following the guide Setting Up Character Movement | Unreal Engine Documentation. Now one thing I already noticed is that the engine is somewhat outdated in comparison (4.9 to 4.21.2) and I would like to know if that tutorial or others are still relevant as I was also having other issues when trying to compile at step 15 as errors would appear below “Get player character” nodes of “Node Result uses potentially thread-unsafe call Try Get Pawn Owner . Disable threaded update or use a thread-safe call. Function may need BlueprintThreadSafe metadata adding.” As such I attempted to remove the errors by disabling the Allow Multi Threaded Animation Update as it removed the errors, but regardless I am stuck in the aforementioned T-pose. If anybody has any tips or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time and effort.


So before I get into this, I’m also pretty fresh to UE4. I also just followed this guide step by step and even went back and reread several times. I’m having the same issue. Once you press play the character is stuck in the T-pose and the characters rotation is locked to the camera angle. ie, if I look down the character will float to a horizontal angle. The ‘Jog’ action seams to speed up the character as it should but crouch and prone appear inoperable.

I started out with the ThirdPerson template and followed everything except for creating a new Character class because I already had a lot of work into that character blueprint.
Let me know if there any additional information that I can provide to make this easier to solve

UPDATE: I noticed removed the mannequin file that was included with the ThirdPerson template and then noticed that some of my new blueprints were referencing them . This was incorrect because they should have been referencing the files in the starter animation content folder. I went into my character and reassigned to the correct skeleton. At this point my character has working animations that change depending on the action. However, crouch is still not functioning and the character rotation is being controlled by the camera rotation on every axis. In addition, my camera is now moving all over the place. I had it in a fixed stable position but for some reason it’s not anymore.

Also I would still like to address the concern of the method used for some of the animation transitions. There are errors indicating that the methods shown on the UnrealEngine official guide are not efficient and should not be used. After doing some research I have read that getting a character or a controller in the animation blueprints can cause major performance issues.

I don’t think anyone following an official guide wants to run into this (or any of these) issues.

Of course, I’m going to continue to experiment with different solutions and if I find one I will add another update. Although I hope someone reads this and helps us out before I get too many grey hairs.

Thanks for any help!

I’ve added a link to a video showing what I’m dealing with. (Unreal Engine 4 character animation trouble - YouTube)
Here’s my ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint (ThirdPersonCharacter posted by Alebo | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4)
A screenshot of the gamemode is also attatched.


So after a few days of deep thinking I have finally solved the problem! In a previous tutorial I watched I set ‘Use control rotation pitch and yaw’ to true in the character blueprint. Before following this guide, I did not experience this issue so it hadn’t even been a thought that that’s what was going on. needless to say I turned all the use control rotations to false and this gave me the result I was looking for. If you want the camera to always be facing your characters back then just set yaw to true.

As for the lack of crouch functionality, this I noticed was because I had accidentally set it up on the true branch instead of false.

All is working just fine now!