Stuck in T Pose During Animation - Please Help!

My character is showing, however, it is stuck in T pose when it moves. What should I do?

This is what someone told me, but they said they don’t have expertise in animation. How do I get out of T pose?


  1. Open up your character blueprint.

  2. In the components window (top left)
    click on your MeshComponent (it should
    be a SkeletalMeshComponent).

  3. In the details panel you will see a
    category called “Animation”.

  4. For the Animation Mode choose which
    one corresponds to how you did your
    animations. If you have an entire
    animation blueprint keep it selected
    on “Use Animation Blueprint”.

  5. If you have selected “Use Animation
    Blueprint” you will see a dropdown
    under it labeled “Anim Class”. Select
    the animation blueprint you want to
    use (it will likely be the only one
    selectable if you are just starting

  6. Compile the blueprint.

Are you dropping your Character Blueprint into the level or the Skeletal Mesh of your character?

I’m not sure :frowning:

Here is the documentation on how to setup a Character, including the Animation Blueprint:

Thanks so much! However, I am stuck at this part.

How come I can’t get out of T pose? Its the idle animation.

It works now. I have another problem, but I will post it in a new question. Thanks for all your help!