Stuck for months please help! Having problems with the state machine with sword and shield animset

I can’t get the animations to work… T_T
Been stuck for month and the guy who made the set said he doesn’t know either
Sword and Shield animset pro from the marketplace… need help with statemachine!!!

please someone… anyone…

Have you contacted the creator of the AnimSet for support?


If they do not respond within a couple days, please reply here to let me know -Thanks.

We had an exchange before on a different thread and he said he doesn’t know how…

What exactly is your problem? When we know that, we can help you :slight_smile:

Kubold has a tutorial for the animgraph for his movement aimset pro and not for the sword and shield ones and he said he doesn’t know how to do them… and I can’t get the animations to work… everythoing I buy on this marketplace is killing me!

I have reported this to our Marketplace team to see if we can find a resolution. In the meantime, if you could be more specific with what you are trying to set up (perhaps post some screen shots) you may get an answer from the community.

And what exactly do you want to create? :slight_smile:
After you have watched this tutorial series, you will know how to implement and use animations -> 3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8) - YouTube -> but when you need something special, I can post you some instructions

I’ve built a controller for the sword and shield set as well as other Kubold animations and I can tell you there is nothing wrong with them (minor issues aside). It’s not really a trivial thing to make nor all that impossible a task. But just because you have difficulty with it does not make it a marketplace fault.

Are you using 4.8? Have those things been updated to work with 4.8? I’ve noticed that the few things that I have from the marketplace were never updated to work with the 4.8 mannequin.

4.8 is in the works for this piece

and I’d agree with Waves - this is sold in the marketplace as animation assets and nothing more, but you still need to learn how animation works in the engine.
it’d be like buying a weapon 3D model and complain that it doesn’t already shoot in-game

thank you guys for replying… I’m not saying it is the marketplace’s fault. I just can’t get them to work. I did the 3rd person game with blueprint tutorial at least five time but I can’t this specific animation pack to work. I’m using 4.7.5 Sword and Shield Animset Pro Help - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums
here is a link to the previous thread. When I start it the player just keeps moving forward and doesn’t stop and all that.

Hi, Are you using the ‘In Place’ or ‘Root Motion’ animations?
If you use ‘In Place’ it should work just like the third person template.
If you’re using ‘Root Motion’ It’s much more complicated.