Stuck! Can't seem to move player start location.

So I’ve been playing around with the first-person blueprint template in 4.4, and I’ve imported terrain well below the original start location. I deleted all of the brushes included with the template and moved my “player start” down to the surface of the terrain.

The problem is, when I hit “play” I’m suspended in the air with a red cross-hair on the screen, don’t seem to be affected by gravity, and can’t move. I’m sure that I’m missing something really simple, but can anyone give me a hint?

Much appreciated!

Open the world settings panel and look for KillZ and change it to be lower, or move everything back up to about the default height. Your character starts so low that the default settings think you’ve fallen off the world and is immediately killing your character as soon as it spawns.

Yup, that was it. Thanks!

Is there a log anywhere that would have contained the KillZ event as a clue?

I also have the same problem