Stuck at verifying!

I’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes for Unreal Engine 4 to finish downloading, but it got stuck at 90% when it was “verifying”. I tried restarting the installer but that didn’t do anything! Please help!


Take a look at this thread: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/182054/stuck-on-verifying-process.html :slight_smile:

" just encountered the same issue. Noticed that I was somehow logged out of the Epic Games Launcher. Logged back in and verification continued and install completed.
If you’re logged in and encountering the issue, try logging out and back in. I’m currently on an unstable internet connection which I suspect is the reason I happened to log off; you should confirm that yours is okay. "

Or just wait a little bit longer, because this step takes a while.

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I confirm verifying is too long each time , could Epic bring some option to skip verifying please ?

Honestly there isn’t any reason to verify since its downloading from their launcher and every download should automatically be verified once the launcher is installed but some devs are really really weird.


It’s verifying the engine once to make sure there were no errors during download or installation. What’s wrong with that?

hey guys, just watch it when its verifying from 99% to 100% then it will say “prerequisites” and you click that tab then say yes to allowing it the do stuff. i downloaded it thinking i would need it for fortnite. hope that helps.

Hello everyone
I have a problem, I installed Unreal Engine 4.18, but the installation stopped at 90% and says “Verifying 90%”
Well, I can’t open the program.
Please Help me.


Verified account email and pw

buddy i also faced the same problem. i waited for ue4 to verify nearly 1 hrs. but finally found a solution for our problem. it happens becoz when ur anti-virus is turned on with live protection. here is the solution for ur problem:
1]pause the download
2] turn off ur anti-virus
3] now resume ur download

now ur ue4 will start to verifying…
this problem cause becoz ur anti-virus wont allow any software to read or check ur file unless u get permission from administrator.


I also have this problem, except the installer is stuck on 97 verifying, and it has been like that for over 3 hours. It just now turned to 98%, but I cannot wait for an installer that takes 40 visual studio install times to just crawl up 1%.

This worked for me, everyone else, I recommend you try this.


If you go in windows task manager, you can press details, then find epicgameslauncher.exe then right-click it, go to set priority, click “Realtime”

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Worked for me too. I disabled firewall and antivirus. Verifying resumed so, then said cleaning up. Once it finished I turned all the security back on. Thanks for this!

Spidey’s solution worked for me as well, thanks so much!

This worked. Thanks you :blush:

Don’t worry for it taking long, 1% takes almost 50 minutes in verifying process

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I am downloading dying light 2 (85Gb) . Mine is not stuck, but verifying at such tortoise speed (reading at <1Mbps). Has anybody got a fix that works?