stuck at syncing

I’ve got some problems for downloading some contents through UE Launcher.
I’ve managed to download tons of free and paid contents , but the launcher has issues for the following items :

  • SillyGeo for 4.11 et 4.10 are “stuck at syncing”
  • Unreal match 3 for 4.11 is “stuck at syncing”
  • Radial impact for 4.11 is stuck 35-50% of downloading

The launcher is updated, I’ve tried to cancel and/or resume each content several times, tried to restart the launcher several time too, tried to restart My PC and also tried to remove the content in question from the “vault cache” folder with no success.
Any solution for that ?
thanks for your help

Hey @Niouzes, sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Contact Stephanie to inform her of the issue or and one of them should be able to assist you. =)