Stuck at "Initializing 45%"

I’ve had this problem a year ago and someone told me to downgrade my ue4 version, I did it because I really wanted to start developing games with unreal engine, the only problem with this is I can’t use any of the assets in the marketplace (My version is 4.19 and they were made for 4.20+ vers). I’m really frustrated with this :frowning:

It seems like many people have the same problem and the “fix” for this is waiting like 30 min to one hour… but in my case I’ve just let my PC on for about 3 hours and nothing.

I’m afraid my computer is too bad for running newer versions of UE4. My specs are:

Windows 7 64 bits.
AMD A4-3400 APU with Radeon HD Graphics

I’m saving some money to buy a better CPU and motherboard but atm I really can’t do anything.

Any help?

also: UE4editor is using 100% of CPU
ShaderCompiler is in processes list

nvm, I fixed it!

I set UE4editor process priority to Low and ShaderCompile to Above Normal so each one of the precesses could take 40% of the CPU, before this the UE4 was taking 90-100% and Shader only 0-1%

I don’t know how many hours it really took to start the engine because I went to sleep, but anyway It’s not fixed… I think… I hope I don’t have to wait it all in the next execution.