Stuck at 39%, VR Mirror Zoomed-In Bugs

My brother-in-law and I are working on a project together, so he recently updated his UE4 to 4.25 from 4.22, but now all his projects get stuck at 39% when loading up, and when he launches the VR Preview, the mirrored display is zoomed in on the top left of the display.

We found a work around for the 39% issue here: Unable to start Unreal, stuck at 39% - Unreal Engine Forums

We renamed the DefaultEngine.ini file to DefaultEngine_old, but that removes all the settings from the project. And even when he uses the same DefualtEngine.ini file I have, it gets stuck at 39% when my computer has never gotten stuck loading projects. We have not been able to fix the zoomed in mirror display at all.

We’ve uninstalled v4.22, we uninstalled and deleted all UE4 files, reinstalled, and verified the files, both issues still persist. Does anyone else have a possible solution? We’ve been messing with this for days now.