Stuck Again Getting Animations onto Character

Unfortunately, still haven’t managed to get the character to walk, run, and idle in the game, though she does “slide around” in response to the w,a,s,d keys and she can “pan” with the mouse to the left and right. I was actually at the beginning of the part where the blendspace gets set up, when I got hung up again. It won’t let me connect “Entry” to my “Idle” animation. I know the problem has to do with the “walk” animation/mesh being displayed, at the top of the screen and in the window, as opposed to the “idle” animation/mesh, but I can’t figure out where to change this. In my character blueprint, it shows the “idle”, as it should.

                                                                                                Thanks much,

                                                                                                 Bill Carey

Here’s some tutorial that should give you a clue how to setup a blendspace and how to integrate it into your anim-bp: