struggling with matinee concept

i want to fade screen in/out level start and end

so i created a matinee by clicking the large Matinee button - > Add Matinee
it created a new Matinee, and I added a Director and Fade track (like the old days)

now in my level i can see the matinee actor icon, i can drag it around etc…
but i cant find it nor its interpdata in my content browser

i can see that with the icon selected in the level, i can go to the Level Blueprint graph and activate it from there. Event Begin -> Play(matinee_data)

but what i cant work out from here is, how do i have this actor referenced in many levels ?
i wash hoping in my Game class i could say : Level Event Begin -> Play Fade(my_fade_matinee)
or something ?

atm it seem’s id have to create this matinee every level, and set it up in every Level Blueprint graph… i assume im definitely wrong in this assumption…?

if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated ,

Matinee is level dependent. You cant use it in BP actors or another level, so you’ll need to create it for every level separately. Hopefully Sequencer will give us more freedom in the future. Until then, the way to control it in Level Blueprint is;

Right click and Add reference to Matinee actor > Drag from it > Call Function > Cinematic.

yep, now you say it, that is veyr obvious - matinee is level specific
ah cheers for the right click in level blueprint

hmm i seem to need to find a camera specific fade out answer! cheers jacky

i dont suppose you know how id fade the players camera then ? I have a reference to the current Camera Actor in the character bp, but can’t seem to find anything inside it for something like this

Look into blendables and post process materials. You can do something like that with the camera’s post process i think.


lol Current Camera → Camera Component → Post Process Settings → break settings
reveals the biggest “break out” component… hopefully somethign in here !

Yep, it’s a bit crazy. :slight_smile:

Copy and paste those texts into your BP:

You’ll get clean make and break PP nodes, on which you can enable whatever you want to edit.

hah! that’s amazing…
is this a legit way for me to do this btw…
my plan is : set value in postprocesssettings…? (i think…)

i did this once in udk with uScript but cant find my file anywhere :frowning:

ah there is only the bools in here, not the (For example) Contrast float i could maybe mess with ?
i feel like im not getting this

Yeah. I havent touched blendables or PP materials yet though so this is as far as i can help. :\ It used to be so easy in UDK but this PP node can be a little problematic so good luck and don’t lose your mind while trying to achieve this!

Also i’m sure everyone would appreciate it if you share how you did it whenever you make it. :slight_smile:

**Edit: **Floats and other variables are under bools. Check the details panel carefully, i missed them as well when i first used that node.

ah ok

yeah in udk this was alot easier… uScript i think was a bit more user friendly than the aggressive c++ (but i appreciate that the c++ exposed files is way more felxible/stronger than just messing with the uscript files) alas, this approach through blueprint seems really ugly…

I shall post what ever i find/make lol even if it’s a bit rubbish…

i will go back and check for floats…i really couldnt see them…

My example is a working fade using tin color in the player camera.

ah looks very interesting !