Struggling to get started - Perhaps UE4 isn't what I'm looking for?

Hello there.

I’ve started ‘playing’ with UE4 some months ago, I really want to took my gaming dev somewhere else because at the moment I’m using Unity (still on 4, no plans on upgrading to 5) and I’m really hating where it’s going and the community which were brilliant in the past gone full retarded nowadays, that may sound silly and stupid, but I’d really like to have a decent community to interact with. When I’ve started looking for alternatives, the obvious one was UE4, but after some months now, I’m still struggling to perform the first steps and I wonder if I choose the right tool for the job.

Some things that really turned me down are the fact that the engine itself seems much bloated compared to Unity, specially for mobile platforms; when you want a simple game you end up with a massive installer and too much overhead, and the lack of a modern non-visual (and high-performance) scripting engine, plus of course some features like decent 2D tools and simulation. Note: I’m not saying UE4 is slow or something, I wouldn’t be surprised it if substantially outperforms Unity for heavy games, but for simpler ones it doesn’t scales very well.

I’m not saying UE4 is bad or lacking, but perhaps it simply isn’t the right tool for the job in my case. The community is really great and so far I’m quite satisfied with the discussions here, but perhaps it’s inevitable that once any community grows enough it will eventually become retarded as a whole, but that’s surely nothing I should be considering at the moment. I also think that UE4 is going the ‘right’ way, as opposed to Unity which every release gets more and more distant from what I expect from an engine.

Perhaps the problem is just the lack of decent C++ tutorials and documentation, since most people say it’s easy and productive to program in C++, but so far I didn’t see anything I’d call easy, or even intuitive. I like having the option to use blueprint but if I could choose I’d surely rather have a scripting language like C#/JS or even Lua, but it seems that’s never going to happen, at least officially.

When I look for example at Godot (2D+3D&Python-like for scripting, and I love python) or LibGDX (which seems to support languages like Groovy nowadays, since I hate Java), I see something that at least to me seems more fitting to my purposes. My games are light on graphics, I plan to do a lot of 2D (w/ physics) and I totally don’t need all the rendering features UE4/Unity5 have. To tell the truth, Unity4 is almost the perfect tool for me, that’s why I’m still using it (but ‘under protest’).

I’m not telling you that I’m giving up or unsatisfied, it’s much the opposite, I’m very satisfied with UE4 for what it proposes to do, and I somewhat hope that you will point me to some complete noob-to-pro C++ tutorial that will allow me to start using UE4 the way the others are using it, because so far people has been quite passionate about C++ programming in UE4 but I didn’t see anything lovely.

Any word is appreciated.
Thank you.

Well, there’s a humble bundle on right now with some gamedev tools :slight_smile: Nothing anywhere near as complex as Unity or Unreal, but maybe just having a chance to create something is the motivation you need to continue expanding your skillset into the more complex engines?

C++ is a bit like the first time you drink beer. At first you think ‘ugh, out of which horse did this came??’ but then, after the third beer you’re thinking ‘you know what, this is actually quite nice’.

I dont think you should focus on C++ in UE4 but on C++ itself. Learn the dark side of it, know where it has pitfalls. With a little bit of googling you can find plenty of C++ tutorials. Also know you can do alot with blueprints. At first you dont need C++. A widely used workflow is to build something in blueprints first and then optimize it by converting it to C++ code.

I heard more complains about mobile development with UE4. But since I’m not doing anything with mobile I cant help you on that.

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I know about the Indie Bundle, I know the Wolfire guys so it’s always nice to support their efforts, they’re really nice guys. I don’t have interest in any particular item of that specific bundle though.

I know a little bit of C++ and I know a lot of languages (incl. C) so I don’t think I’ll have any problems with the language itself. I’ve done some stuff in the past in C++ (Irrlicht) and didn’t have any problem. The problem I’m having is specific with the UE API. There’s the Entry Level Guide, and the Programming Quickstart, but after that I find it hard to do other stuff, specially because I didn’t find it very intuitive like the Unity one, when I started using Unity I just had to get familiar with the way gameobjects and their components works, and everything else was pretty much natural for me, autocompletion was very useful and the names are all somewhat self-explanatory.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, here.

These engines are only tools. If you’ve found a system that works for you, that is what is important.

(I got the Humble Bundle, just in case I ever just wanted to try something different, and assets are always handy).

However, if you still want to give it a try, check out Unreal’s YouTube channel (, but ignore the UDK name in the URL, this channel is pure UE4), you’ll see plenty of tutorials, and there are plenty of other devs who are also doing their own.

Try this, from their official channel, for a c++ series:

But good luck, with whatever choice you make! :cool:

Have you tried using blueprints? They are really quite nice, and there is nothing too advanced that I can’t do in BPs so far. As far as C++ goes, IMO there is a lot of UE4 API that is specific to the C++ in UE4, so it may take some more learning & getting used to.

It’s been the same for me too,
I’m still attracted by UE4 but I keep using Unity.

The fact is that everything you learn with Unity stay, while every UE4 patch makes everything deprecated and you have to start all over again.
I tried C++ for a few months and I understood why they made blueprints, since there is no proper intellisense in C++ they made blueprints which can do so much that now it is basically as complicated as learning a new programming language.

Still, they have a really amazing tools, I spend hours in the effect tool

Thank you guys.

The problem with Unity4 is it’s going to be obsolete eventually and probably soon. They’re still updating it but I wouldn’t put money it’ll stay like that for long. Thanks for the links and wishes.

Perhaps I should try playing more with blueprints not only to get used to the new way of doing things, but also to see how much it can achieve… I always have a suspicion that visual languages will have lots of limitations so eventually you hit a wall and have to re-do lots of stuff differently, to me visual languages is almost synonymous of ‘limited prototyping language’.

I’m interested in playing with AI atm, can you do things like pathfinding, finite state machines with basic behaviours, and of course navigation solely with blueprints?

You can navigate AI to a point, which I suppose counts as pathfinding, and you can have state machines. So far, there is nothing I have not been able to do via blueprints, nor have I heard of a ton of other things that others have not been able to do.

Well, I was mostly talking about knowing if a character can reach some point, I suppose yes since that’s very basic stuff. I’m definitely going to give blueprints another try.