Struggling to clean up my project

In the beginning of my project, I added some free stuff from the marketplace as placeholders and examples.
But I have now reached the point where I want full control and overview of all my assets, and want to delete these placeholders.
However, this proves easier said than done as the assets keep cross-referencing eachother and making deleting them difficult, even though I have not used them in my map, gameplay, assets or blueprints. Force delete keeps freezing up UE and I am afraid of corrupting my project.

Should I just give up and migrate the stuff I want to keep to a new, clean project?

I was thinking about this problem too, i saw this… dont know how relevant it is now

If you know your project rather well, it may be worth it recreating from scratch and manually copy/pasting the folders you need.

Just be mindful that the latest engine version (4.24.1) breaks the terrain collision response - at this point, I’d wait until the next hotfix or new version.

either way, I find it much easier then attempting to clean stuff out.

if for instance you forget to copy a foliage type or do so on purpose, the level load will notify you about it (and dump it if you save again i believe? Done it twice, but can’t recall).

Either way, the best alternative would be to use the search thingy that brings up all references of an object, and checking all the assets it brings up.

This too can prove tiresome for materials-or items referenced in many blueprints-though.
Luckily in that case you can use the replace function, it works as intended most of the time :stuck_out_tongue: