Struggling mouse look

Hi guys… I got a problem trying to implement Mouse Look rotation, and I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


I’m trying to build topdown shooter where the Pawn will be controled with WASD and the Black Turret on top is a child component will always rotate to face mouse pointer while maintain on its parent location.

As you can see in the video the turret seems struggling to rotate facing mouse pointer, I draw a white debug Line to see where the turret should align and also set a print string to check what is hit behind the cursor, all checkout ok…the Line pointing to the right direction and Hit result is Floor, so everything seems alright yet the turret static mesh is having a hard times to face the pointer :confused:.

Here is my event graph blueprint.

Can you explain what is wrong with my BP? Thx…

Instead of forward vector, try plugging turret’s location into FindLookAtRot’s Start, see if that fixes it.

It works, thx man… Sorry for asking a silly Question, I’m a total noob seems I really need to work on my logic -_-’

Although this lead me to another problem. But I’ll ask this in another thread.

Thx again.