Everyone has daily challenges in life. I am curious to know what are yours and how do you overcome it? The most common problems I heard about are caused by depression and anxiety.

I think it’s very important learning to give up.

Fail a lot, fail often… Give up so many times that eventually you become so advanced at giving up, that you even give up on giving up.


That is really witty. Though I don’t think it applies to all.

The secret is good rest, good nutrition, and taking it easy. After the above mentioned, the goals are achieved much easier, but keeping in mind that they are realistic goals, based on reality.

Now, every defeat is a learning process, you try again, you don’t give up, you ask, you try, you improve, but everything is gradual.

Nobody is born a genius, it is done after a lot of work and perseverance.

Has anybody worked with a therapist with positive experience?

Stephanie I can attest that a therapist is helpful IF you WORK on things. Going to a therapist however often you go just to complain (or vent) is not helpful. You need to put in work on yourself.

The other thing is… if you can afford it get some meds for anxiety/depression. If you’re truly clinical then that the honestly most important thing, and I hate being that guy telling someone to take meds.

Source :> my personal struggles.

My current struggles involve actually producing something. I get so hung up with the day to day goofing around, technical issues that I don’t want to deal with, and never actually complete anything. Also I’ve failed to plan on more occasions than I care to admit. Its very hard to retrofit a game concept to a new idea I’ve learned. Said technical issues are IT things like compiler not finding my #includes or some software issue that doesn’t involve actually writing any code.

I hate IT tasks with a passion.

I struggle with a proper eating structure/diet. I decided last year that I finally wanted to get back in shape. The pandemic really took a toll on me, and I found myself eating and snacking more than ever (Doordash was too convenient). Needless to say, I put on a few pounds. To combat this, I started counting calories and daily exercise. I’ve lost 31 lbs and counting! Though I don’t exercise daily like I used to, I still count calories, and I’m finding weight loss success in that alone.

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I definitely struggle with anxiety every day, it has gotten so bad that I have had recurrent panic attacks and I have had to be on medication.

After a year, I was completely fine but then I passed through a lot of life struggles like having to move to a place 4000 km away, struggling with losing a loved one, my very own sickness etc.

So that has brought up my anxiety again, what I do nowadays is I find something I truly love to do, for example handcrafts, and dedicate myself to that every day for a little while, it allows my brain to reset.


I don’t think I have a depression , just some signs of it. It comes and goes there are better and worth days.

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it is from Plato that man seeks that specific answer to your question if you find an answer just let me know

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