Struggles with dynamically changing components


I very recently started working with Unreal and so far I’m liking a lot of it (coming from Unity, I feel like it gives me a lot more power). Right now, I’m trying to build a project with blueprints (both to familiarize myself with the language and because it seems powerful enough to do what I need) and I keep running into what seems to me to be inconsistent behavior when I try to dynamically add and remove components from objects in blueprints. Specifically, it seems to work fine when I’m working in the blueprint that derives from Actor, but if I try to add or remove components from, for example, a component that is attached to the object I want to modify, I frequently can’t find the node that adds functions, even if I am using the dropdown from the pin returning the Actor or I turn off context sensitivity. The problem seems to either be there or not for any given situation (it doesn’t come and go randomly if I just retry it), but I haven’t been able to pin down the pattern with the times when it doesn’t work.

I thought that it might have to do with blueprints not being compiled, but I’ve gone back and re-compiled and -saved all of the blueprints involved and it still doesn’t work.
I thought that it might be that I can’t add or remove components outside of the Actor class, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done it successfully before, it just doesn’t always work.

Here is a screenshot of me finding the node when working inside an Actor-derived class:

And here’s me unable to find the node, when creating from a pin that returns the same Actor-derived class:

Thank you for your time.