Structures better organisation

Hi) in my project i faced with one uncomfort thing.
I have structure with 200+vars inside and i use it alot of times, and any time i need to roll over all vars to find what i need) its a huge time lost.

My suggestion is make categories for vars inside structure like u can do it with single variable in blueprint))
picture for better understanding


I agree with the need for categories.

However, 200 variables in a single struct? I would highly recommend sub structs that are categorized by type… :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume a blueprint struct is the same as a C++ struct. In that case, can you not create a struct hierarchy? i.e. structs within structs? That’s how I’d do it in C++ if I had to have an item with that many values associated together.

Of course he could. :slight_smile:
I do that frequently. Mostly precisely for the purpose of categorizing and keeping the varaiblelists in the detaisl panel short…