Structures being consumed instead of placed

Ok, I’m new to this whole modding thing, but I’m having an…interesting phenomenon. I followed the steps in this post to a T and now when I try to place my modded item, instead of placing it, it is consumed like food or ammo. I checked the “Can Build Structure” checkbox in PrimalItemStructure_<modname> file and it worked for a while, but once I made a change to the inventory items of the mod structure it stopped working. Any ideas on why this happen?

If it consumes and doesn’t place, what I would check is your PrimalItemStructure, look for the option “Structure to Place” and make sure it’s referencing the correct Blueprint. Also in your PrimalGameData ensure that you have the Blueprint of the structure added to the “Additional Structures to Place” array. I hope this helps you move forward in your modding journey!