"StructurePlacerBlueprint" Issues

Hey everyone! I recently started messing with the ark dev kit and figured the first thing I’d do would be replace some ammo with my own for the TC mod I want to make. This was apparently a mistake as it has lead to much more work and technical know how then I was hoping for as my first try at modding something. However I’m getting the hang of it and have managed to create my custom ammo just fine, which caused me to make my own custom fabricator… which caused me to make my own custom smithy and edit all 3 files associated with each of those, 4 if you count the engram file for a nice total of 8 files that needed tinkering XD I’ve almost got it to the point that I can properly test it all to make sure it’s referencing everything correctly, but I ran into the issue of having to make my own custom “StructurePlacerBlueprint” which I assume is responsible for the nice green outline you see when you go to place an object. Long story short… I edited that file just fine, but now need to know what references it (like PrimalData_BP, etc.) so I can actually place my custom structures.

TL/DR - What references the “StructurePlacerBlueprint” so I can place my custom structures for my TC mod?

I have no idea why you’re editing that file when the Additional Structures to Place array in the PrimalGameData handles that natively…

I mean, why try and reinvent the wheel needlessly?


Because I’m working on a Total conversion mod and want to redo it all, though my knowledge is rather limited as I just started. Would I still be able to use the “Additional Structures” in my PrimalData_BP to get the same effect?

The StructurePlacer is in the Controller. Yes, even with a TC you can still use the additional arrays to my knowledge.

By the way, right click any file and open the Reference Viewer. Shows all files - with some search depth and width tweaks - that reference it or those that it references.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try just using the additional arrays.

As for the Reference Viewer, I’ve already been using it, and all it leads me too are the structures it places u_u
But thanks for all the info ^^

EDIT: I did as was suggested and everything is working great. But now I have another issue. My fabricator turns on, but will not craft items XD
It’s one thing after another X3