Structure with no owner or where anyone can build?

I have been trying to disable the build restriction of a structure, I am making a mod which allows admins to place floating (or not) island on their servers, using static meshes, things are working well, however, there is still the building limitation. The BP collision are set as ground and Is Floor set to true so that they can be built on.

Right now, only the owner can build on them, I tried “is Environment Structure” and a few different options in the BP but it still won’t let someone that isn’t in the admin’s tribe to build on it.

I am wondering if maybe a different type of BP would give me that option, I tried the StructureBaseBP_C parent class, also tried a couple other base Blueprints (those that let 2 players of different tribes to build next to each other). The problem is trying to build ON the item from a different tribe… The admin places the islands, and then players of any tribe can build on them.