Structure of the game on UE4

Here’s the official framework documentation: Gameplay Framework | Unreal Engine Documentation

Especially this bit: Gameplay Framework Quick Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

And this post: What are these higher level blueprints?? - #6 by UnrealEnterprise - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

Feel free to ask any specific questions about features you’re uncertain about.

Hello! I drove a similar question in Google, but I did not find anything sensible. Do you think it would be good to create a separate branch (if it’s not already :)) on this topic? Something like FAQ, where in general knowledgeable people would share information about how to organize the work and interaction of in-game components (which class, what is responsible for, what responsibilities it is appropriate to assign to the level blueprint, etc.) If similar already there, then share a link please :))

Many thanks for the prompt reply. I think that by these links I will find information to understand the problem (at least, to begin to understand :))