Structure Merge

Is there a whey to either loop a structure and add two of the same kind in to one or do i have to do it manually.
Was hoping there would be a merging function or something.

AFAIK there is experimental feature called ‘structBox’ available under window/plugins/Blueprint. Maybe this is what you need?

Looks cool but not what i needed. I have a Structure with Structures in them, ex


Stats Struct has
Attributes Struct
Regeneration Struct

Attributes Struct has
4 Structs (All the same just different names) with one int and a float.

Now i want to add in to one of them in a easy way.

(The logic i want)


As far as I know there is no ‘for-each-member’ functionality available, this only works for collections/arrays. Blueprint is extremely limited in terms of data structures, you would need something like a nested hashmap instead.

My workaround, just made a function for it, if someone know how to do it dynamic i am all ears.