Structure is only taking mele dammage!, Why?


I got a structure that i would like to take dammage from, Mele, Projectils, and Rifles/Guns, “Instant Dmg type”
My problem is that my structure is only taking dammage when i mele it.
I been trying all sort of combos for the colision, but it just dosnt reqistrer any projectils or hits from a gun.

Any ideas how i go about fixing this?

Do you know about the damage by tag in the strucutre data? It sets it to be either stone/metal/explosives, I’ve not played a pvp server but I know you can’t do damage with guns in PvE other then explosives (against tribe buildings that you’re allowed to PvP, cause why not troll your friends and get booted right), so you would need to create a new damamge by type in the code to allow guns to also do damage.

Structure Settings Class -> StructureSettings_BrokenByMetal

You’ll need to make your own one that allows guns other then explosives too.

Alright. thanks alot mate :slight_smile:

Ok. progress.
But still some issues, i am now able to cause dammage to my structure by using rifles and guns,
But im not able to cause dammage with projectiles. Spear Trown, Slingshot & Bow
I tried to trace what the spear is using, but could not really find any dmgType it uses. im sure im looking at the wrong places.
I have basically added every dmg type to a the list with multiplier set higher than 0 for all of them, im not sure what im doing wrong.

there projectiles check the dmg of thatch buildings :slight_smile:

Thach buildings like any other building doesnt accept dammage from projectiles. only explosives and mele.

even if i create your own “Structure Settings Class” -> StructureSettings_BrokenByMYFILE
and set projectiles and all the orher stuff in the. projectiles seems to be ignored.

So question is. why is it not working. is there something overwriting the setting the Structure setting calss file ?

as soon as i get this stupid devkit to re download (only way i can get it to update) ill sus it for u i either added something in or it was a setting in the actual building… i was pretty sure it was exactly what u did :frowning: