Structure Editor

Can anyone tell me where to find documentation about the structure editor?

Other question, It’s possible create structures with member functions (getter/setters,…) as in C++?

I don’t think there is any dedicated documentation to it… You add variables on the left and set the defaults on the right, that’s about all there is to it.

Well, really my search for documentation is to clarify my second question.

May an asset structure contain member functions? I would like to create setter/getters to force integrity when I assign values to members of the structure.

I don’t think you can, because it seems not to have options in the structure editor, but I would like to be sure

Anyway, Thanks for answering

Apologies I missed that question. To answer it though - yes and no. They can have functions in C++ but those functions can’t be exposed to Blueprints.

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This answers my question,